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    GEONOR has been certified since the beginning of its operation by the Regional Government of Galicia according to the Spanish Decree 441/1990 and FOM Regulation 2060/2002 in the following areas for quality control in construction:

    Area of boreholes, rotary coring and in situ tests for geotechnical exploration (initials in Spanish: GTC)

    Certification no.: 15025 GTC 05 B

    Area of Geotechnical laboratory tests (initials in Spanish: GTL)

    Certification no.: 15025 GTC 05 B

    Area of flexible and bituminous road surfaces (initials in Spanish: VSF)

    Certification no.: 15025 GTC 05 B

    In order to perform laboratory tests, GEONOR employs staff qualified in different areas with extensive experience in the construction sector, in civil engineering as well as in building construction. Furthermore, GEONOR uses the most modern machinery for physical, chemical and mechanical testing on soils, rocks, construction materials and waters.
    In accordance with the Spanish Omnibus Law, in April 2011 GEONOR submitted their statement of compliance in which they certify that they comply with the terms set out in the Spanish Royal Decree 410/2010 of 31 March, implementing the requirements enforceable to entities of construction quality control and to test laboratories to control construction quality in order to carry out their activity.

    In the field of mineral research GEONOR complies with the provisions of the Additional Technical Training (initials in Spanish: ITC) established in the general terms and conditions ITC 06.0.01, as well as in ITC 06.0.03: Carrying out boreholes with drilling rigs, and in the ITC 09.0.16: Electricity and Boreholes, as well as the relevant provisions according to the work to be carried out, inside as well as outside mines.

    GEONOR has an integrated Quality Management System certified in accordance with the regulation ISO 9001 by SGS, that complies with the requirements of the regulation UNE- EN ISO/IEC 17025.

    All of the aforementioned process is taken on by teams from the company itself, in fields as well as in the laboratory, managed by superior Technicians, who are in charge of all kinds of testing that is carried out in construction, of informing on progress and of the results obtained in them.