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    GEONOR puts their technicians’ experience in geotechnics at your service for the optimum development of your projects anywhere in the world.

    The most requested international geotechnical consultancy services are the following:

    Preliminary geological and geotechnical analysis.

    Analysis of external Geotechnical Studies. Second opinion

    Geotechnical research campaign proposals.

    Independent technical assistance. Third-party work control.

    Queries related to our areas of expertise. External support.

    GEONOR has taken part in the successful running of numerous projects around the world.
    For example:
    • Portugal. Geotechnical assistance Safra and Coentral Wind Farm, Lousâ.
    • Italy. Geotechnical assistance Lecce Wind Farm.
    • Dominican Republic. Geotechnical assistance Los Cocos Wind Farm.
    • Mexico. Geotechnical assistance Oaxaca I Wind Farm.
    • Chile. Geotechnical assistance Los Cururos Wind Farm.
    • Mexico. Geotechnical assistance Manzanillo Thermal Power Station.
    • Uruguay. Geotechnical assistance Kiyú Wind Farm.
    • Mexico. Geotechnical assistance Arriega Wind Farm.
    • Romania. Geotechnical assistance Negresti and Osesti Wind Farms.
    • Mexico. Geotechnical assistance La Rumorosa Wind Farm.

    GEONOR has a strong establishment in Brazil, through its subsidiary GEONOR BRASIL SONDAGEM, where we use the most modern specific machinery for in situ geotechnical research, as well as a complete soils, rock and water analysis laboratory.

    GEONOR’s diversification has also made the company of national and international reference in boreholes for mining research with continuous rotary coring.