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    GEONOR provides Geotechnical Engineering services at all stages of a project’s progress, from designing research campaigns, to carrying out field work and laboratory testing, to the drawing up of reports and geotechnical documentation, as well as technical assistance at any stage.

    GEONOR has extensive experience in the field of geotechnical construction and civil engineering. They have successfully carried out over 2,000 geotechnical construction studies for a wide range of entities, as well as numerous reports and geotechnical civil engineering studies (wind farms, roads, motorways, gas pipelines, dams, power stations…).

    GEONOR relies on technical and human resources in order to successfully deal with geotechnical research campaigns for any project.
    The multiple Geotechnical Reports for single infrastructure works (motorways, airports, high speed railway lines, ports…) and for important construction works that we have carried out over the last few years demonstrate our commitment to geotechnical research with the highest quality standards.

    GEONOR has the resources to deal with any kind of geotechnical borehole research, vertical or inclined, and of lengths of up to 1,500 metres. Furthermore, they stand out from the rest in their research using horizontal boreholes for projects and works on tunnels or other horizontally aligned underground works.

    As well as a complete inventory of core drilling machinery, we have additional field equipment such as self-propelled Penetrometers, pressure- dilatometers, shear vane test, loading plates, Lugeon test units, etc.…

    GEONOR is one of the most important companies in the performance of geotechnical construction studies in north-western Spain, as well as in the drawing up of geotechnical civil construction reports within national territory.

    Since 2012 GEONOR has maintained a strong establishment and growth in Brazil, mainly carrying out geotechnical research campaigns for wind and solar farm projects.

    GEONOR technicians have more than 15 years of experience and extensive training in engineering geology and hydrogeology, as well as in research techniques.

    The work of the technicians is excellently backed up by official borehole operators and analysts, who also have extensive experience and appropriate training for their job position.

    Among GEONOR’s abilities is carrying out turnkey geotechnical studies, using their own resources to deliver all stages of the project from start to finish.

    GEONOR has a wide range of additional machinery for performing tests on the terrain that is the object of the study, with the aim of obtaining its “in situ” characteristics.

    Among the field testing that can be carried out, we highlight the following:

    – Extraction of unaltered cores
    – Performance of SPT tests
    – Performance of dynamic penetration tests
    – Vanetest
    – Pressure-dilatometer tests
    – Permeability tests
    – Borehole path measuring